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3 P’s to POP Off The Shelf

When it comes to making a product stand out on the shelves, Orora believes in the 3 P’s: product, packaging, and point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) displays.  

Your Purpose, Your Product

Your product is a testament to your company’s hard work. Orora recognizes that no one knows your product like you do, as it is born out of your company’s purpose, mission, and dedication. Partnering your product with innovative packaging and engaging P.O.P. displays will help get your product and company the engagement that it deserves!   

You know your product, customers, and vision and we want to help build a customer experience that will make customers come back wanting more. That being said, our packaging and P.O.P’s can help capture first-time buyers’ attention, opening the door for your product to shine. 

Working together, we can help foster a favorable first impression and connection between your product and customers in stores, so that they can experience all your product has to offer and eventually come back for more! 

The Power of Packaging

Packaging is powerful and can influence a customer’s decision making. A national survey found that 72% of consumers are influenced by a product’s packaging design, and 67% are influenced by the materials used to package a product. With Orora’s expertise in packaging, these statistics can become an advantage for your product. 

Creating engaging packaging doesn’t have to be complicated. Orora’s graphic and structural packaging designers work with you to create packaging that is true to brand, sustainable, and to specifications of many of the big brand retailers. Our large domestic and international network of suppliers ensures a wide variety of materials and substrates available to make your packaging stand out.  

Let Your Product POP

Let’s face it: with so many products to choose from on the shelves at retail stores, it can be difficult to ensure that your product is getting the visibility it needs for optimized sales. With P.O.P. displays, this no longer has to be a concern. P.O.P.’s act as an in-store marketing strategy to bring a wow-factor to your product by capturing customers’ attention and creating an engaging customer experience off the retail shelf.  

From bigger-than-life dimensions to interactive elements, P.O.P. displays can create a more memorable interaction between your product and customers in stores. P.O.P. displays can be intentionally placed in front of a customer’s line of vision, outwardly inviting them to consider your product for purchase. If you really want your product to “pop” off the shelf, then P.O.P. displays are the way to go. 

Behind every product is a company’s hard work. That hard work should pay off, and with the potential for boosted sales from the help of Orora’s expert packaging and P.O.P. displays, it can! 

Contact Orora today to connect your product to the packaging and P.O.P.’s it needs to successfully stand out. 

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