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WILO – Women in Leadership at Orora

In 2016 Orora created a program under the social pillar designed to empower and train women leaders within Orora, called WILO or Women in Leadership at Orora.

Orora Cares: Helping Families in Need Enjoy a Turkey Dinner

Every year, Canadian couple Mike and Deanna Diad plan, set up and host an event that has changed their local community for the better. Their mission – to provide families with holiday dinner essentials so they too can enjoy a hot meal with their loved ones.

Collaborating with Working Wardrobes

Orora Cares: Collaborating with Working Wardrobes to Design Clothing Drive Boxes The Challenge: Orora takes pride in delivering on the promise of what’s inside while giving back to the community along the way. This fall, Orora Packaging Solutions partnered with Working Wardrobes, a non-profit organization that helps more than 5,000 men, women, veteran and young adults […]

Our Response to Phishing and Email Fraud

Our Response to Phishing and Email Fraud Dear Valued Customer, Fraudulent phishing and email schemes present an everyday challenge in today’s business climate. Increased awareness and vigilance are key to detecting and preventing fraudulent activity. We are encouraging all our business partners to please remain vigilant against these schemes by closely reading emails and verifying […]

The Complete Guide to Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

The Complete Guide to Amazon Frustration Free Packaging: Preparing Your Ecommerce Packaging for Amazon What is Amazon Frustration Free Packaging? Amazon Frustration Free Packaging is a set of packaging regulations designed to reduce consumer frustration with packaging and to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials from the ecommerce supply chain. The program began in 2008. Since 2017, Amazon claims […]

Orora & Chimango

Orora & Chimango Partnership A Custom Packaging Solution “My name is Steven Suarez and I’m a partner here at Premium Nut and the VP of Vision for Chimango, which is a line of artisanal Hispanic snacks that we distribute nation-wide.” What were your packaging needs?“At Chimango we use printed film and metalized stand up pouches. […]