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Protecting the Planet One Package at a Time...

May 9, 2023

by Colette Goldstein

When we think about consumer products, our minds typically consider the product itself and not the package it is encased in. However, if packaging is done poorly, we are sure to notice. Nobody wants their products tampered with as a result of frail packaging.

Similarly, when we think of mankind, our minds typically consider the products of mankind—humanity’s accomplishments, histories, wars, and ideas—not the earthly biome we are encased within. However, our earth is becoming increasingly less and less durable for human and nonhuman life, meaning our systems of production will be affected in the process. If our environment is frail, so are we.

So, what do we do?

The answer is change.

If packaging is frail and leads to harmed goods, we change that packaging. If our planet’s ecosystems are becoming increasingly frail because of climate change, we change the industrial systems that contribute to climate change. In the packaging industry, luckily, there seems to be a solution that can help tackle both of the problems listed above: corrugated.

link to Corrugated article on digital edition of Sustainably Packaged Magazine

Corrugated is a sustainable and durable solution to packaging. With corrugated, we do not have to worry about our products’ safety; its structural design consists of layered material that helps provide cushioned support and protection for the package’s internal goods. Corrugated also comes in different levels of strength depending on the degree of support and protection your product needs. Need sturdiness? Single Wall should work just fine. Need ultra-sturdiness? Double Wall it is.

What is even more important than a protected product? A protected environment. According to the EPA, corrugated has a 66.5% recycling rate, compared to 12.6% for metals, and 4.5% for plastics in 2018, making it one of the most recyclable packaging materials out there today. Made from sturdy, paper pulp material, corrugated is not only readily recyclable in many communities but also well suited for reusability. Its durable structure makes corrugated a continuously adequate container even after its first use, its second use, its third use, and beyond.

Sustainability is the future of packaging. If we want our packaging strong and our environment stronger - corrugated is the way to go.

A link to this article in our digital interactive magazine.