TempSafe® Cellulose
Cold Chain Packaging

Our proprietary cellulose insulation utilizes post-industrial Double Lined Kraft (DLK). The kraft laminate used to cover the top and bottom is made from recycled content and combined, are both curbside recyclable*. 

  • Ease of Use: Two-piece recyclable insulation makes assembly fast and easy for increased productivity. 
  • Optimized Packaging: Ships and stores flat, taking up less space on a truck or in the warehouse 
  • Variety: Available in a full range of stock sizes and can be custom made to adapt to any size need
  • Brand Awareness: Custom printing direct to material offers a value-add solution

Product Details

Orora offers various 2-panel sets in 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18” coolers with your option of a 0.5”, 1.0”, or 1.5” thickness. Lead times are 2-4 weeks depending on seasonality. 

Insulation Material Insulation Thickness R-Value
Kraft Paper
1.0 Inch
1.5 Inch
2.0 Inch

R-Value vs K-Value

  • R-value is the rate of thermal resistance to prevent heat loss in a specific material or insulation.
  • A higher R-value associates with a greater probability to prevent heat loss.
  • K-value is a rate of thermal conductivity that is determined by dividing the insulation thickness by its known R-value.
  • When the R-value is high, the corresponding K-value will be low.


TempSafe® Cellulose
Disposal Instructions

Our cellulose insulation is manufactured using clean double-lined kraft (DLK). Please note:

  • You do not need to separate the cellulose insulation from the kraft paper to recycle these materials, though we recommend doing so to ensure proper sorting at your local material recycling facility
  • Both the corrugated box and the cellulose panels are certified for curbside recyclability by Western Michigan University. 
  • They are not compostable 
  • During the re-pulping process, the cellulose and kraft remains are preserved and used as clean, recycled content for new paper-based recycled products

For proper recycling requirements in your area, please consult with your local municipality for further instructions. 

*may not be recyclable in your area. This product is OCC-E certified and passed repulpability standards and requirements by Western Michigan University. Copies of these certifications are available upon request.