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TempSafe® PCM Mailers

The TempSafe®  thermal insulated mailer envelopes with PCM refrigerants directly integrated into the mailer sleeve that offers patent-pending control room temperature stability and eliminates the need for EPS coolers. 
  • Dramatically simplify the packing process with an all-in-one solution for insulation, envelope and refrigerant 
  • Decrease the waste associated with shipping traditional bulky shipping containers 
  • Vacuum sealed in compressed bundles for compact storage until ready to use 
  • Two built-in phase change materials (PCMs) protect from excessive heat and extreme cold 
  • Qualified control room temperatures tested with ISTA 7D and 7E Summer, Spring/Fall and Winter profiles: 1°C – 10°C for 144 hours 15°C – 25°C for 48 hours 2°C – 30°C for 144 hours 
  • No preconditioning required when the mailers are kept at a cool room temperature before use 
  • Flexible even in its solid state 
  • Enclosed within an open-cell polyethylene (PE) matrix-insulated pouch to protect the payload 
  • Durable construction with spacious, expandable payload capacity 
  • Ideal for protecting specialty medications, specimens and drug samples 
Custom sizes and branding available, plus a variety of stock sizes and temperature variation options for ISTA 7D &7E profiles & Summer, Spring/Fall & Winter thermal requirements. 


Qualified to Meet the Latest Standards for Safe Handling, Transit & Storage

Our PCM mailers are designed to comply with the latest in regulations outlined by the USP 659 and URAC regulations. Each are tested against the ISTA 7D and 7E Summer, Winter, Spring/Fall profiles using lane data gathered from real-world conditions and tested with several different product payloads and instrumented with RTD temperature monitors.