Specialty & Functional Coatings

Specialty & Functional Coatings

At Orora, we understand that standard corrugated packaging may not always meet the unique needs of your product packaging. Specialty and functional coatings are designed to increase the durability of corrugated materials and better protect your products from the unique challenges their supply chains represent.

Our coatings include options for moisture resistance (Cobb rating), less abrasive surfaces to avoid product damage, and heat and grease resistance. Worried about the coatings coming into contact with your food items? Fret not! All coatings are FDA compliant for direct food contact making them safe for use in the bakery, meat and seafood, and other food industries. No matter what specific challenges your product packaging faces, we have the perfect coating or combination of coatings to meet and exceed your needs.

Don’t let your unique product challenges hold you back. Contact us today and speak with a specialty and functional coatings expert to discuss how we can help design the perfect coating solution for your packaging needs.

Coatings Applications

Bake In & Release

Do you bake brownies or cakes? We have the perfect coating application for you! Bake-in and Release coatings allow you to bake your delicious treats right inside the container!

Meat & Seafood

We offer recyclable coatings alternatives to certain coated boxes that can stand up to the cold, moisture and vapors associated with packaging meat and seafood.

Waxable White

A great application for Produce packaging.

Wax Replacement

An Environmentally friendly coating solution that leaves the corrugated re- pulpable, great for produce and proteins.

Water & Vapor

MVTR coatings for vapor barrier applications to help keep the integrity in your corrugated packages structural integrity!


Protect delicate products such as cheese, produce, glass & furniture by adding a non- abrasive coating to the inside of your corrugated solutions.

Color Capabilities

We offer 2-sided coatings with conductive & dissipative black, PMS, GCMI, and custom options that allow you to take advantage of coating capabilities while maintaining the look and feel your business requires.

Food Oil & Grease

We have applications for cake, pizza & offal that replace Styrofoam, wax & plastic bags.


Stuff always falling over? We offer a great non-skid solution through our slip sheet applications.