Rapid Prototyping & Testing


With our in-house ISTA-certified testing lab, we partner with you to create, test, and analyze your packaging to ensure it adheres to industry regulations and arrives safely to its end destination. Eliminating damage, reducing the rate of returns, and driving down the waste associated with both is of critical importance to us at Orora.

Our package testing services include:

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Amazon FFD and SIOC Testing

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7 series temperature testing

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Shock, compression, and vibration testing

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Drop and rotational edge testing

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Side impact and tip over testing

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Controlled atmospheric testing

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Chemical testing

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Food contact testing


APASS Partner

We are a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network and can assist with redesigning and testing your packaging to meet Amazon requirements. Our designers and testing engineers are experienced in creating Frustration Free packaging that reduces environmental impact, eliminates overpacking, and passes the necessary certifications.  

Learn more by reading our complete guide to Amazon Frustration Free Packaging White Paper.


Rapid Prototyping

With our internal equipment and network of strategic suppliers, we can provide rapid prototypes to ensure the design and structure of each package meets the specific needs of our customers. With the ability to quickly produce packaging prototypes for our customers, we can ensure brand and structural integrity before manufacturing begins.

Cold Chain Packaging

Using our state-of-the-art testing facilities, our cold chain experts can develop solutions for 24-48 hour delivery times that can uphold up to -30 degree C temperature requirements. We also offer just-in-time delivery services with sustainable, insulated shippers. 

Our Testing Facilities

Our 4 thermal testing chambers are ISTA-certified & allow us to conduct cold chain testing at temperatures ranging from -75 degrees Celsius to 155 degrees Celsius as well as humidity testing ranges of 10-95%.

Testing Reports & Analysis

Our package testing team conducts, tracks, and analyzes all testing done in our internal labs. We provide in-depth reporting and full data analysis.