Paper packaging to protect products & the planet

Secure Every Shipment with Flexi-Hex®

Are you looking for a paper-based packaging solution to safeguard your products throughout shipping? We’ve got you covered.

The Flexi-Hex® sleeve is a patented, honeycomb design made from paper that helps protect products in transit. Renowned for its strength, the hexagonal cell structure not only provides an incredible layer of protection around fragile products but also creates an adaptable sleeve that has many applications.

Why Flexi-Hex® ?


Made from heavy-weight recycled paper


Lower shipping & storage costs


Reduced breakage rates result in lower costs to the business for returns and product replacements while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


FSC-Certified and curbside recyclable*


Adaptable to different products, can expand up to 35x their compact size

Easy to Assemble

Cut packing times significantly. Flexi-Hex sleeves do not require any machinery to inflate. The sleeve simply slides over the product in a matter of seconds.

*may not be recyclable in your area

Our Product Range:

Orora is stocking the full range of 100% plastic-free Flexi-Hex® sleeves across our distribution network. The simple product line-up consists of both Flexi-Hex® and Flexi-Hex® Air sleeves.

The core range of sleeves (Mini, LITE, MID and XL) are made from recycled paper and provide a robust solution for transporting items across many industries from beverage to homeware, tools to tiles, candles to kitchenware and all shapes and sizes of surfboards.

Also available in 4 sizes, the Air Sleeve is made from recycled tissue paper and perfect for sending smaller, fragile items such as cosmetics, electronics, CBD bottles and glassware.

Partner with Orora Today

At Orora, we understand the value of reliable and sustainable protective packaging.

We want to make it as easy as possible to reduce plastic packaging from your supply chain. Whether you’re an e-commerce business, manufacturer or distributor, our solutions will safeguard your products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to discuss your unique packaging requirements and find the perfect Flexi-Hex® solution for your business!

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