Flexible Packaging & Films


Flexible by Design

When designing your flexible packaging and films, our main goal is to provide a protective barrier for products, maintaining their quality, freshness, and integrity while utilizing sustainable processes and materials. 

Orora is an industry leader in flexible packaging solutions. From roll stock films and standup pouches to shrink films and shrink bands, our design teams offer rapid prototyping and samples to optimize your packaging and reduce shipping and transportation costs. 

Flexible Packaging Solutions


We offer a variety of pouches with multiple closure styles. Options include stand up pouches, zip seal, twist top, and vacuum seal. 


We can source a variety of tubing film for your food, technology, or other packaging needs. 


We offer flexible packaging films in various materials while using multiple printing methods to create packaging that stands out.

Shrink Bands & Sleeves

We can match you with the perfect shrink wrap, shrink sleeve, and shrink band options for all of your packaging needs.

Highlighted Sustainable Option

Glassine Paper Bags

Weather-resistant, transparent, and curbside-recyclable* FSC-certified paper bags can replace single use plastic bags while still protecting your products. *May not be recyclable in your area. 


Flexible Packaging

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