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Orora Cares: Helping Provide Comfort to Children in Chicago

At Orora Packaging Solutions (OPS) we take pride in giving back to the communities we do business in! We were extremely proud to work with the Lombard Police Department in Chicago on a special project to benefit our community.

The officers of Lombard PD carry “Comfort Bears” in their patrol vehicles in case they encounter children in a traumatic situation. When an officer encounters a child who is caught in the middle of some type of police response, these bears will already be on hand for those children. The bears are intended to calm the children and make the situation less frightening. Research has shown that children in traumatic or stressful circumstances are significantly calmed by a transitional object, like a teddy bear or journal. The bears, however, came packaged in a plastic bag, which is a choking and suffocation hazard for small children.


Our design team in Chicago worked to design a printed, corrugated package for the bears that was both welcoming and safe for the children. They took input from every Coworker in the office to make sure the packages were perfect.

Our Chicago team donated the corrugated boxes to the Lombard PD in a ceremony at the Police station. We are proud to have designed the corrugated packaging to carry the teddy bears, allowing the removal of the plastic bag they normally come in. We hope the bears provide some comfort for children struggling from hard times and stressful situations. We are always happy to support the Lombard Police Department, who goes above and beyond to keep our community and coworkers safe!


We value partnering with our community. If you know of an opportunity where Orora can make a difference, please contact us here!


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