The Complete Guide to Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging for 2023

Download the Complete Guide to Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging for 2023

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging is a set of packaging regulations designed to reduce consumer frustration and packaging * to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials from the e-commerce supply chain. Since 2015, Amazon claims FFP has reduced packaging weight by 38% and prevented 1.5 millions tons of packaging from being shipped through the supply chain.

This free download will help you better understand the requirements of Amazon FFP in order to make the challenge of packaging redesign a little less daunting. At Orora, we’re delighted to see such a shift towards sustainable packaging and we are proud to partner with our customers who sell on Amazon to help them meet these guidelines.

In this guide you’ll learn:
  • Amazon Frustration-Free tiers and qualifications

  • How to create FPP-compliant packaging from design to testing and certification

  • Features to include in your Frustration-Free Packaging that will help your product stand out 

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