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The Flexi-Hex sleeve is a patented, honeycomb design made from paper that helps protect products in transit.

  • ⬢   Strong, hexagonal cell structure
  • ⬢   Incredible layer of protection
  • ⬢   Adaptable sleeve for many applications
  • ⬢   Help achieve your sustainability goals

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Flexi-hex can replace your plastic cushioning

FLEXI-HEX is made from heavy-weight recycled paper. Reduce breakage rates of your product which lowers overall cost to the business for returns and replacements.

Flexible and Easy to Assemble

Flexi-hex can be Adaptable to different products, can expand up to 35x their compact size.

They are easy to store and easy to use. Flexi-Hex sleeves do not require any machinery to inflate. The sleeve simple slides over the product in a matter of seconds.
Our Product Range

Orora has partnered with FLEXI-HEX to provide a wide range of
RSC-Certified and curbside recyclable products.

Orora is stocking the full range of 100% plastic-free Flexi-Hex sleeves across our distribution network. The simple product line-up consists of both Flexi-Hex and Flexi-Hex Air sleeves.

The core range of sleeves (Mini, LITE, MID and XL) are made from recycled paper and provide a robust solution for transporting items across many industries from beverage to homeware, tools to tiles, candles to kitchenware and all shapes and sizes of surfboards.

Also available in 4 sizes, the Air Sleeve is made from recycled tissue paper and perfect for sending smaller, fragile items such as cosmetics, electronics, CBD bottles and glassware.

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