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Podcast Corner - Podcasts You Should be Listening to

Do you want to learn more about sustainability, but are not sure where to start? Do you know a good amount about sustainability already, but are always looking for what’s new? Do you care about sustainability, but don’t have time to sit down and read up on the latest sustainability topics?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, podcasts are here to help. There is a wide range of podcasts out there today that focus on sustainability and cover a multitude of informative material for any kind of listener: beginner, novice, and expert included.

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    Looking for a bit of humor mixed with relevant information on Sustainability? Then Sustainability Defined might be the podcast for you! On this podcast, hosts Jay Siegel and Scott Breen explore different aspects of sustainability “one concept and bad joke at a time.” While lighthearted and fun, this podcast reveals some great insight on different areas of focus involving sustainability.

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    If sustainability and packaging had a baby, it would be this podcast. Host Cory Connors (one of Orora’s very own) is fantastic at delving into sustainable packaging innovation, while also shedding light on other products making their mark in the world of sustainability. Additionally, his podcast will keep you up to date on how we can all make changes according to sustainability in our personal lives and our business endeavors.


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    As a part of the blog “Good Girl Gone Green,” this podcast is perfect for showing how sustainability can be incorporated into our everyday lives and consumer practices. Host Stephanie Moram has a mission to uncover various lifestyle choices and tips for her listeners so that they help her actively contribute to a greener environment.

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    Want to hear people “talk trash,” but in a clean, productive way? Then Waste360’s podcast NothingWasted! should be on your list. This podcast is interested in all things recycling, waste, and organics, and is a great tool for learning about how different industry leaders are implementing sustainability into their ideas, work, and company initiatives.

*Orora has not validated all statements and information in the listed podcasts. The information presented in each podcast represents only the beliefs and opinions of each respective podcaster.

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