Cold Chain Packaging

We offer state-of-the-art, ITSA-certified thermal and distribution packaging testing and cold chain materials to ensure your products can sustain temperatures for 24, 48, and 72 hour periods. Our cold chain experts are also available to assist with thermal packaging design and consultations to develop prototypes quickly and ensure your packaging design meets industry requirements. Watch this video to learn more about our cold chain services.

TempSafe™ PUR Containers

Landsberg Orora's proprietary TempSafe™ 1-piece and 2-piece PUR containers offer high R-value and maintain dry ice & refrigeration up to 72 hours.

EPS Containers

Protect your products from the temperature shifts of the supply chain using any of our EPS containers.

Sealed Air TempGuard™

TempGuard™ is curbside recyclable packaging that can maintain temperatures for 24-48 hours and minimize damage.

Gel Packs

Select from a variety of gel packs to assist with refrigeration requirements.

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