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Orora Cares: Collaborating with Working Wardrobes to Design Clothing Drive Boxes

Industry: Retail, Non-Profit

The Challenge:

Orora takes pride in delivering on the promise of what's inside while giving back to the community along the way. This fall, Orora Packaging Solutions partnered with Working Wardrobes, a non-profit organization that helps more than 5,000 men, women, veteran and young adults overcome obstacles and re-enter the workforce every year.

One of the main obstacles they face is being able to dress appropriately for interviews. One of the ways Working Wardrobes strives to solve this problem is by partnering with companies in communities across the United States to hold clothing drives. Working Wardrobes receives thousands of donations of business clothing and accessories each year through these drives.

The organization wanted to increase the number of donations they receive during each drive. In the past, Working Wardrobes used plain corrugated recycling containers placed next to clothing racks for people to donate.

The Solution:

Orora partnered with Working Wardrobes to create custom corrugated donation boxes to replace the plain kraft ones. The goal was to tell a powerful story on the boxes to make a stronger visual impact and elicit more donations.

Orora collaborated with Working Wardrobe’s designers to design the new custom donation box. We provided the structural design template for the box to ensure it would be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the donated items, while creating opportunities for their designers to add a variety of photographs and graphics to tell the Working Wardrobes story simultaneously. The Orora manufacturing team then produced over 1,000 boxes for them using our revolutionary new Nozomi C18000 digital printer.

The Outcome:

Working Wardrobes was thrilled with the overall quality of the boxes and was excited to learn that they could print photographic images directly onto the corrugated board while preserving the quality of the graphics.

The result was a sturdy, brightly colored box that provided high quality, appealing graphics with details about the clothing drive. Orora then held clothing drives in a few of its facilities in California to help with donations as well.



“We are enormous fans of Orora Packing Solutions and truly applaud their generosity. Working Wardrobes wanted to tell a powerful story about what we do to get our clients back to work so that when local companies host clothing drives, we can make a visual impact that is strong. We were fortunate to be selected by the Orora Cares Committee to produce the clothing donation boxes pro bono. We created a great design and then the Orora team got to work! Our planning calls were collaborative, and the end result is that we have boxes that are beautifully produced. Now our corporate partner's clothing drives have that ‘dressed up' for success look and the drives are more successful than ever. Our grateful thanks to Bernie and his entire team!”

Jerri Rosen

CEO and Founder

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