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New E-commerce Packaging

Industry: Retail, Ecommerce

The Challenge:

Orora partnered with the Ecommerce division of a leading luxury retailer of clothing and accessories to design a new line of boxes to ship their ecommerce orders. 

The customer needed an innovative self-sealing box that would allow them to deliver a valuable customer experience of their brand without the flashy external packaging that would give away what the product was and would easily be stolen off of doorsteps.

The customer’s initial design that launched globally was found to have many quality issues and flaws. It was discovered that many of the shipped items were even falling out of the boxes while in transit through FedEx and UPS. The packaging would arrive at its destination damaged and, consequently, seriously compromise the positive customer experience of receiving a luxury brand product.

The customer needed to balance the graphic design requirements of creating a unique, engaging customer experience with ensuring a sound structural design that would allow its product to arrive safely, securely, and inconspicuously on the buyer’s doorstep.

The customer put out an RFQ to multiple suppliers with the instruction that the best design for the best cost would win the contract. There were over 70 box styles that had to be evaluated and no cushioning/void fill or dunnage material could be used.


The Solution:

Orora’s team of talented designers evaluated the existing packaging materials that the customer was using to determine where the flaws were and how the damage was happening during shipment. Our team then took this knowledge and created a new style of box specifically for e-commerce shipping.

We designed a line of self-sealing boxes with structural components that could stand up to the rigors of shipping while reducing the amount of packaging material used. We also ensured that the packaging could be printed on two sides through one single pass through the printer, reducing manufacturing time and cost.

Our goal was to preserve the brand components on the inside of the box to deliver the customer experience associated with that of a luxury brand without jeopardizing the plain, secure elements of the exterior packaging that disguised the costly items inside.

We were also able to reduce the total SKU count by 21%, ensure the same closure was on all SKUs to reduce costs and maintain consistency throughout the shipping process, and adjust the print design to deliver a greater wow factor to the end user.


The Outcome:

No other competitor in this competition was able to replicate a similar experience for the customer. Orora was the only entrant with the successful design that prevented damage during transit while still providing a very positive brand experience for the luxury brand buyer.

In addition to the cost savings already highlighted, this new design helped the customer realize a sharp decrease in damaged packaging during transit and an increase in brand satisfaction from its customers.