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“My name is Steven Suarez and I’m a partner here at Premium Nut and the VP of Vision for Chimango, which is a line of artisanal Hispanic snacks that we distribute nation-wide.”

What were your packaging needs?

“At Chimango we use printed film and metalized stand up pouches. It’s challenging in particular because of the acidity of the food. We ran into problems with other vendors and we came to Globalflex Orora for solutions.”

What made you choose GlobalFlex Orora?

“The challenges we had were our previous vendor couldn’t address our needs for the acidity of the product. So we reached out to lots of different companies and Orora provided us with a solution right away.”


How did you find GlobalFlex Orora?


“We were in a crisis with packaging and we were looking all over the place for new vendors to help us with our problem with our packaging. And we went of course on the internet and looked at various different vendors, asked lots of questions and it was great that Orora was based close to us and they came with solutions ready.”


What solution did GlobalFlex Orora provide?


“So this is our packaging that we got from GlobalFlex Orora. It is a metalized pouch that has a window, which is very unique because of all the other vendors that we went to, none of them could produce this. There is a special process that washes the reflective elements the metallization from the bag and was all explained to us in really scientific detail when we went in with our problem.”


Would you recommend Globalflex Orora?


“I would absolutely recommend GlobalFlex Orora to any other company who has high complexity of packaging needs or a variety of different packaging that they want to source from a very knowledgable company that is friendly.”


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