Digital Printing

When speed is critical, turn to Orora’s sophisticated digital printing technology.

Orora is one of only two companies in North America that can offer exceptional print quality at very high speed. For a fraction of the cost of traditional corrugated printing techniques, you can use digital printing to experiment with seasonal campaigns, time-sensitive promotions, and new product launches. We can run on-demand and just-in-time jobs for quick turnaround and customized print runs.
Our high-speed digital printing capabilities can produce more than 5,000 sheets per hour and is a great alternative to traditional lithographic printing.

Our state-of-the art EFI Nozomi C18000 Digital Printer offers:

Photographic quality imagery directly onto corrugated

No printing plates reduces setup time and cost

Rapid prototypes and samples in a week or less

Ability to print 97% of pantone colors

Largest format over any other printing: 71” x 117”

Double-sided printing

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