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The Complete Guide to Amazon Frustration Free Packaging:

Preparing Your Ecommerce Packaging for Amazon

What is Amazon Frustration Free Packaging?

Amazon Frustration Free Packaging is a set of packaging regulations designed to reduce consumer frustration with packaging and to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials from the ecommerce supply chain.

The program began in 2008. Since 2017, Amazon claims FFP has reduced packaging waste by 16% and prevented 305 million boxes from being shipped through the supply chain.

Why Did Amazon Create Frustration Free Packaging?

To package the 5 billion items Amazon ships worldwide every year requires a massive amount of packaging material. As a result, Amazon created the Frustration Free Packaging program in order to reduce its environmental impact and meet customer demands to reduce overpacking.

What’s changing now?

Starting August 1, 2019, Amazon will issue a $1.99 chargeback fee to its third-party sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon services to ensure that every primary ASIN larger than 18″ x 14″ x 8″ or items weighing 20 pounds or more meets Tier 1-Frustration Free Packaging or Tier 2-Ships in Own Container requirements. Amazon’s hope is that this fee drives Amazon sellers toward adopting the sustainable packaging requirements of its Frustration Free Packaging program.

So how do you ensure your packaging complies with Amazon Frustration Free Packaging requirements?

It’s an easy three step process of 1) evaluating your packaging design 2) testing to ensure it meets ISTA Amazon packaging test guidelines and 3) submitting your testing reports back to Amazon through the Vendor Central portal.

That said, Amazon does have a lot of recommendations when it comes to packaging design details and quite a few requirements of the testing itself. Therefore, to save our customers hours of research time, we put together a 12-page comprehensive guide to simplify the process of creating Frustration Free Packaging.

Download the guide and get started on the path to meeting Amazon’s requirements today.

Attention Amazon Sellers:

Use this 12-page guide to learn more about the design, testing, and certification phases of creating Amazon Frustration Free Packaging. 

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