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Greenwashing Unmasked:
Navigating the Complexity of Eco-Claims



Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight and become better educated about greenwashing in order to recognize and make valid environmental claims.


Greenwashing is when a company makes false claims about the environmental benefits of its products and/or sustainability efforts. Examples of greenwashing include plastic bottles labeled as environmentally friendly due to a percentage of recycled plastic, ambitious sustainability claims that don’t align with practices, and misleading packaging claims.

Some corporations engage in greenwashing to attract eco-conscious consumers, with studies showing a majority of Gen X and millennials consider sustainability when making purchases. Some companies simply don’t understand the requirements surrounding claims that products have environmental benefits. The packaging industry is prone to greenwashing, with examples such as misleading compostable packaging claims, misleading claims around refillable products and/or the level of recyclability. Risks associated with greenwashing include FTC enforcement and litigation, with potential fines and penalties.


  • Deceptive marketing practice known as greenwashing, where companies claim to be environmentally conscious for marketing purposes while lacking genuine sustainability efforts.

  • Examples of misleading claims in the packaging industry.

  • The reasons behind greenwashing, emphasizing its appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

  • The risks of greenwashing, including potential enforcement actions by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and litigation against companies.

  • Compliance with the FTC’s Green Guides and relevant state laws as a means to counteract greenwashing.


Alecia E. Cotton

Rogers Joseph O'Donnell

Ms. Cotton is a shareholder and co-chair of the firm’s Retail Industry Trade Regulation Practice Group, and a member of the Environmental Law and Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Groups.

Professional Qualifications

Ms. Cotton has experience in a wide array of civil litigation matters including consumer products litigation and class actions, environmental matters such as CERCLA, CEQA, Hazardous Waste, and Proposition 65, unfair competition, false and misleading advertising law, CLRA matters, business torts, white collar defense, and contract disputes. Ms. Cotton also handles ADA and Unruh Act violation claims including web access matters.

She has successfully litigated in federal and state courts and is experienced across all phases of litigation in complex matters. She has represented a broad range of clients, including commercial premises owners, and manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers of both commercial and consumer products.

Ms. Cotton has handled a significant number of complex commercial civil litigation cases from inception through trial and has a proven track record of successfully defending corporations in California state and federal courts in high value litigation. Ms. Cotton regularly counsels large and small businesses on issues involving regulatory compliance, business practices and environmental matters.

Suhani Kamdar

Rogers Joseph O'Donnell

Ms. Kamdar is a senior associate and member of the firm’s Retail Industry Trade Regulation, Complex Commercial Litigation and Government Contracts Practice Groups.

Professional Qualifications

Ms. Kamdar advises clients on compliance with state and federal laws impacting their business operations, with an emphasis on counseling retail clients on alcohol, tobacco and FDA regulations pertaining to the sale, distribution, marketing, labeling and transportation of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and dietary supplements.

Ms. Kamdar also defends clients against claims brought under California’s Proposition 65, unfair competition, false and misleading advertising law, and CLRA matters in all phases of litigation, and frequently prepares legal updates on this area of California law.

As part of her retail trade regulatory practice, Ms. Kamdar also counsels businesses on compliance with OSHA, Cal-OSHA and state and local environmental laws.

Colleen Connelly

Orora Packaging Solutions
Vice President, General Counsel

Colleen Connelly is Vice President, General Counsel for Orora Packaging Solutions. She is responsible for leading the legal team for North America. She assumed this role in July 2018 after serving as the company’s Sr. Counsel responsible for labor, employment, corporate and commercial law.

Colleen has over twenty years of legal experience commencing her career in private practice with McCutchen, Doyle, Brown and Enersen, and subsequently in senior in-house roles for E. & J. Gallo Winery and UTi Worldwide.