WILO - Women in Leadership at Orora

by Brodie Vander Dussen, WILO Grad

The triangle is considered the strongest shape when building a house or building due to the shape’s ability to distribute the load equally between the three sides. Similarly, in order to have a strong sustainability strategy, companies must invest and be intentional will all three sustainability pillars. According to the United Nations, the three pillars of sustainability are economic, social, and environmental. Two without the third would be unbalanced, creating an unstable foundation. As companies think about their sustainability strategy, it’s important to build a strong foundation by investing in all three. In 2016 Orora created a program under the social pillar designed to empower and train women leaders within Orora, called WILO or Women in Leadership at Orora.

My experience with WILO exceeded expectations. The WILO program introduced me to toolsets that has helped me becomea more effective, flexible, andconfident leader. I love being partof the strong network of womenacross Orora!

-Breanna Smith,


The WILO program aims to develop a diverse leadership pipeline by helping women leaders achieve their full potential and develop leadership skills to thrive and succeed in their career at Orora. The women in this program are nominated by their people leaders, identifying passionate coworkers with great potential. Over the past two years Orora delivered WILO successfully as a global virtual program. This means participants from both North America and Australasia can come together for the program, which strengthens the network of relationships and connections across the company.

To say that there’s growth waiting in store for a woman who takes on the challenge of self- reflection in WILO would be an understatement. WILO fostered in me a new perspective in EVERY dealing that I have – be it personal or in my career.

-Ruth D’Asero,


The benefits of a program like this don’t end at graduation, if anything they are exponential. The network of WILO Alumni within Orora creates synergies between departments, more engaged coworkers, and an internal pipeline of leadership potential. Incorporating social goals into your sustainability targets & creating a program like WILO is a monumental step in building a sustainable future.

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